choosing a children’s educational center for a child is a decision that parents must take quietly after analyzing all the criteria to be observed. pay attention to this.

三分快三计划软件the choice of custody or custody of the child should be a decision of the parents, but also a matter of confidence. the problem is often at the center of choice, but in getting a place in the appropriate kindergarten. learn more about this from .

三分快三计划软件now, when choosing the perfect playgroup for the child, parents should judge the emotional climate, relationship style and reception forms, among other things. although they often prefer kindergartens closer to home for comfort, you can also choose a school closer to work or grandparents. however, many other aspects should be considered when choosing, such as space, activity, staff, or schedule.

Criteria for selection of nursery:


kindergarten must have qualified staff. that is, employees must pass the certificate of vocational training ii in the kindergarten department for the first cycle (from 0 to 3 years) and teachers specializing in pre-school or pre-school education for the second cycle (from 3 to 6 years). in addition to the title of the research, it is essential that at least some teachers have experience working in quality centers. it is also necessary to regularly recycle employees.


in general, the schedule of pre-school centers is flexible, as it is prepared between part-time and full-time work, with the possibility of leaving the child to eat. parents choose when their child should stay in kindergarten, based on their availability. however, it is recommended that the child spends in the center more than seven hours a day because he also needs to be with his family.


there should be an educational center for young children, such as a playgroup, in a place for exclusive use and independent access from abroad. similarly, all children should have sufficient space. on the other hand, the classroom must be well ventilated and well lit by natural light. it is best distributed in areas, each of which is devoted to a specific type of activity: entertainment area, drawing area, music area, etc. space should not be so full or empty that it cannot be contained and provide safety for younger children.

Finishing materials and games

三分快三计划软件it is essential that nurseries ensure maximum safety for children. for this, it is necessary to avoid angles and angles. if present, they should be covered with flexible strips. on the other hand, plugs must be connected and placed at the height of at least 1.50 meters. for heating systems, floor systems are better than conventional radiators.

Parental involvement

三分快三计划软件parents should participate, be active, aware and have free access to the center’s teachers to teach young children. in this sense, they should always participate in important elections, starting with the first contacts, in the adjustment phase and in periodic meetings. go to  to get more information.